Story of a Spam/Scam attempt

Tonight I received one of the many spam-and-scam emails that lands on my mail address. This time I’ve chosen to challenge him and spend some funny time with this new friend 🙂

I need your urgent response
I am using this medium to inform each transaction involving the transfer of $ 21,500,000 (Twenty million five hundred thousand dollars) in my bank in China to you as a receiver. This will be 100% safe, the paying customer’s deceased.
Please contact on my private email below for any questions and further information.

Sang Chin

My answer:

Can you explain your needs in a clearer way?


Well, if he’s not a reader of this blog… I will receive an answer. I will keep you informed about the progress. I hope to receive soon my $ 21,500,000 by wire transfer 😉

Update (1° April)
after all… it’s fool day, perfect for this kind of things 🙂 I received his first answer:

Dear Friend

I need you to this email to read thoroughly to understand the principle behind this project. This transaction has died on our customers who, with his wife and children accidentally leave anyone come to claim his funds with our bank. The deceased customer used his wife as the next of kin but unfortunately the wife died along side with him leaving nobody to $ 21,500,000 (Twenty-One Million, Five Hundred Thousand U.S. Dollars) he deposited in our bank.

According to our banking law, if deceased funds remain unclaimed, the funds in the Reserve Bank will be transferred as unclaimed Bill. This issue was raised in the board meeting held, and I do not believe that the funds go into the bank treasury and as such we want to argue that the fund now if you are interested.

The reason why I contacted you is because I have a foreign partner in order to assist me in this project because it is too risky to transfer this fund to my fellow Chinese person. As a point of emphasis, I would like you as a person worthy of trust, to receive this money available when it is transmitted. You do not have to worry about the financial paperwork for this transaction. Everything has been planned to its logical end and I will lead you every step of the way. I will do everything legally required to ensure that the project is successful.

Action Plan:

The plan is to transfer this fund in your name to our corresponding bank in the Netherlands, because the bank has a transactional understanding with my bank here and they are our corresponding bank in Europe and therefore easy and smooth for the transfer of funds. With this option, you are prompted to open an offshore bank account in this bank to obtain this transfer before we take our respective shares.

* In the meantime, let’s keep this message to e-mails until we have built up enough trust in each other for safety. to perfect all necessary documents on your behalf by an attorney and the right to this transaction, it deserves, you are sending the following information:

1 Full Name:

2 Address:

3 A copy of your means of identification (driver * s license or International Passport or National ID)

4 Occupation:

5 Marital status:

As soon as I receive the above information, I will send you together with the application for and release of funds * to fill the same information about me and apply for the dissolution of the Fund.

Due to the sensitive nature of the transaction, please, it is important that we keep it a secret to us so that we can enjoy the benefit without the fear that someone else is aware of it.

I want to say again that your shares be 50% of $ 21.5 million USD, equal to $ 10.75 million U.S. dollars.

I’ll enlighten you on matters from the areas you need more clarifications on this project welcome. Waiting for your quick response.


Sang Chin

My answer:

Hi Sang,

Thank you very much for the explanation. I understand that you are trying to unblock and move these 21 million dollars outside china, I find this deal very interesting. Will the opening procedure of this bank account in the Netherlands cost money for me?
Best regards,
Update (3th April)

Dear Riccardo,

Thank you for your responce i quite appreciate, the question you asked will be answered later as we proceed into the transaction.

Meanwhile for my part, I will never betray you. I urge you to follow this project without prejudice or bias and, hopefully, we will be able to complete successfully and live a better life.

As I asked in my last email, you must send a copy of your identification in the form of identity card or driving license or international passport by e-mail attachment. I assure you that your data and identification will not be used for any other reason except for the purpose of this project. I am a banker and know what it means.

For a project of this magnitude, you will agree with me that asks you to send a copy of your identity is not asking too much. please i need for us to proceed and prepare documents on your behalf to claim this fund. I will not accept any form of agreement for this project low. My personal information is as follows:

1. Name: Chin Sang

2. Address: No. 63, Shuinan Street, Yanping District Nanping. China.

3. Copy of identification: Annex

4. Occupation: Manager

5. Marital status: Married

I work as an investment manager in Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), China. I have a wife and three children (two daughters and a son). Please do not use this information against me because it will affect my family and work. A copy of my ID is attached to this email.

Thank you,

My answer:

Hello Sang,

Ok, I’m attaching a scan copy of my ID card.

I have to ask you again about the costs of this operation, because I have not much money, so I don’t know if I can afford the cost of opening a bank account in the Netherlands. Can you give my some information about this topic?

Of course I DIDN’T attached my ID card; instead, I dowloaded an example of corrupted image file from Google Images and I’ve sent this to Mr. Sang. It is 4MB, just to fill his mailbox a bit 🙂
Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 01.55.07
Update (4th April)
Dear Riccardo,
I received your mail but the copy of ID you sent could not be open, an error might have occure while sending it to me. i will advise you to resend it so i can receive it for it is very important.
Once am in receipt of the Id card i will send you all the neccessary information you are waitng to know.
Chin Sang.
We stopped here, it’s enough. If everyone would do the same… poor spammers 🙂
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Cannot receive emails from PayPal? Check your MX settings

Recently we had a problem with a domain we own: we were able to receive emails from anyone but PayPal, including “you have received a payment” notifications. After some research we discovered that the MX server listed in the DNS settings of the domain was under the form of a plain IP address, without hostname. It was sufficient to replace it with the domain name (in our situation we had the mail server on the same physical machine of the web server) to get it fixed.

If you’re experiencing the same problem, just take a look on under “MX Records” if you get any warning about RFC compliance.

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IMAP Addresses Exporter for OS X

IMAP Addresses ExporterRaneri Web Design is proud to announce the release of IMAP Addresses Exporter for Mac.

This simple and plain software solves the problem of exporting email addresses of people that wrote to us. When we have – for example – a Gmail account from which we want to export a list of sender addresses from emails that match a certain criteria (e.g.: all the emails with a keyword inside the body) we have not many options: Gmail stores all our contacts, but they are not categorized by thread, topic or filter.

With IMAP Addresses Exporter you can create a filter of your choice, assign a label to every mail that responds to this filter and then get the full list of senders simply selecting the label inside our software.

The app works with every email service that supports the IMAP protocol, and it includes presets for the most common providers: Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL.

Download it now for free! The trial version is without time limitations, and for USD 9.00 you can buy the license that unlock unlimited exports, forever.

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StepMyCast makes you share your presentations with the World

Today we launched our new startup: lets you compose your webcasts directly online: you have just to upload your video (almost in any format) and your slides (PPT, ODT, Excel, Word…) to be synced with the video. In three steps your presentation is ready to be broadcasted to the entire world! The best feature of StepMyCast is its compatibility: we have built it thinking about the wide diversity of devices with which people today access the Internet, using a mix of different technology (HTML, Javascript, Flash) to make it work well with PCs, Macs, iPhone/iPad, Android. With no need of additional software: your browser is the tool you need to access any webcast or playlist that is created on StepMyCast.

We are currently running in private beta phase, with an interesting deal: every user that gets a beta invite to signup to the platform will receive a full enterprise account for free *forever*. So if you are interested, don’t miss a second and ask your invite today!

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How to permanently delete a song from your iTunes library

This is one of the those little problems that everyone, with an iPhone/iPod/iPad, encounters someday: you delete a song from iTunes, then you connect your iDevice to the computer and do the synchronization.
For some reason, the deleted song reappear, both on your mobile and on your computer.
What a damned nuisance!

The reason
iTunes tries to keep all your devices in sync, bi-directionally. If something is missing, is recovered from the device that still has the content and replicated on others. What you are deleting it from iTunes is restored from your iPhonePodPad.

The fix
It’s very easy: just synchronize them (just to be sure that every other contents is ok on both side), delete that damn song from your iTunes and synchronize again, immediately after. You’ll see iTunes asking you to transfer some missing contents, warning you that if you don’t do it now, these contents will be permanently deleted from any other devices that you usually synchronize. We know that the “missing content” can be only the song we just deleted, because it’s the only difference between the first and the second synchronization we did, so choose to not transfer it. Et voilà! The song is gone forever.
If you have more of one Apple mobile device, just repeat the procedure for everyone.

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How Italy is self destructing itself – a proposal from an ignorant guy

The Eurozone crisis has already took Greece, Spain and Italy. I can observe only my country from here, so I’ll talk about Italy.
We live in a country where salaries are stuck since 20 years, unemployment for younger than 24 is over 36% and work taxation is over 42%. We have a technical government since November 2011 that is trying to recover the economic gap that Italy historically suffers, but our outlooks don’t indicate nothing good for the future.

Italy is a land where about 60 millions live as coaches during the world cup, and 60 millions of political leaders live everyday, giving the “perfect solution” for our rebrith while drinking at pubs. Today I want to give my “solution”, even if I know there is not a single recipe for our situation, but there are so many obvious problems here, that inventing a bootstrap to make Italy “reboot” is so handy nowadays. In three steps.

  • Liberalize the job market – NOBODY is hiring since years in Italy, everyone knows but this is still a “secret”. The only companies that are (rarely) still hiring are very small (less than 15 employees), so they aren’t subordinate to our law no. 18, that forbids to dismiss people without a valid reason. The american job market is not a perfect model, but the reality is that there a flourishing ecosystem exists, where productive people find a job without problems, a job that is commensurate to their school qualification and to their willing. You can lose your job in a week, but entrepreneurs are not crazy or (usually) “evil”. If you do your work nobody will fire you, unless the company has financial problems – and this also happens here everyday, irrispectively of our many tade unions;
  • De-tax companies – The tax pression is objectively too high. And I’m not talking only about taxes on work: the majority of companies are totally overhelmed, so a vicious circle is settled: the government ask for more taxes; companies find a way to evade them; the government asks for more taxes to cover the missing income. Nobody wins here, and this system bring also the impossibility to make sure plans for the future, because the fiscal incomings for the next year depends also from the cleverness that companies had in avoiding a part of the taxes for the current one. If we didn’t pay any tax for 2011, we would have hire at least two new full-time employees in our company – two new persons able to pay their taxes to Italy! And so, why don’t you lower taxes by – let’s say – 80% for the next 5 years, to let us catch that 36% of young people that is currently unemployed? The economy will get an huge benefit from a new population able to spend, finally. And don’t forget the possibility to get a lot of foreign businesses (or italian business that delocalized in the past years) that will see an interesting country to settle and operate.
  • Eradicate crime from south – Italy suffers a big economic brake from the southern territories, that are controlled from organized crime. Certain political parts would like to “cut” our country in two pars, but this is not the solution, anyway, it’s enough: let’s use our army (that we’re paying since decades without sense) to guard the entire south, let’s install security cameras in every local shop to defeat the protection money habit (yes, it’s still the normality, there!), let’s rotate the local governments every six months with a mixure of italian and european administrators, to exclude the possibility of crime infiltrations.

Is this sufficient? Probabily not, but an Italy with a 2% of unemployment, full of healty companies and without the mafia would be a dream.

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Goodbye Friends for iPhone and iPad is out

Our new app is now available on the App Store: “Goodbye Friends” allows Facebook users to check the status of their friend list, to discover who unfriends you.
With a sleek and light interface, you’ll install and start using it with a couple of taps! Just accept the permission that the app asks you (only the access to your friends’ names) and tap on “refresh” button when you want to check for changes. Goodbye Friends will compare your current list with the past one, notifying you about changes (friends you deleted, friends that deleted you and new friends you added in the meanwhile).

Goodbye Friends is available today on the App Store as universal app, compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Don’t miss our others app! Aroundly (instant photo sharing) and Placemarks (social maps editor) are also now available for your iDevices.

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Thank you, Steve

Steve Jobs died today when he was 56 years old. Raneri Web Design remembers and simply wants to say “thank you” to a visonary man that changed the way the World looks at computers.

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Aroundly finally available on iPhone

Turin (Italy), 30th September 2011 Raneri Web Design is pleased to announce the launch of Aroundly, the new social sharing app available from today for Apple iPhone. Aroundly works like a photographic Wikipedia, where everyone is user and contributor of a unique and continuous stream of pictures coming from every part of the World.

The concept is based on simplicity and immediacy: users only have to use Aroundly instead of the default Camera app; every photo is instantly geolocalized and uploaded on, where anyone can follow the live flow. All of this occurs without any need of signup: both uploaders and viewers can use Aroundly freely and anonymously.

If you ever asked to yourself if it’s worth to go to that party tonight, or if you’re just curious about what is happening on the 5th avenue in New York City right now, you have just to check on if someone is using Aroundly there. If so, you’ll get a near-live photo of the situation.

Aroundly also represents the world photo album of the last month. Photos are stored for 30 days: users can connect to and center the map on an exact date/time/location in the past to get the corresponding images. If you are looking for a solution to get all the pictures that people are taking with their iPhones at your friend’s wedding, Aroundly is the answer.

Services on are free for everyone, without limitations. The Aroundly app is now available for the download from the App Store and it will be free for a limited period of time.

App Store link:

Aroundly website:

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The recipe for a perfect project offer; Honesty, experience & approachability

Its an experience that is common to many freelance web designers out there; you join an online platform, find an interesting (and lucrative) project that you think fits perfectly to your expertise and background, you submit a bid on this project and then find yourself battling it out with other freelancers. In this scenario its easy to get lost amongst the crowd and one thing that all freelancers share in common, is the need to rise above the competition and showcase their skills and expertise to potential clients effectively.

Therefore, more often than not, first impressions will count for everything when a client is making a choice between many web designers who on paper all look like the best bet for their project. So how can you secure the project?

Showing a genuine interest in the project;
A lot of the time, many freelancers who are members of online platforms will get an automatic email whenever a project is published that falls into their area of expertise. Due to the amount of notifications these freelancers usually send off a standard, typical response to these projects signaling their interest. However, the customer can usually notice straight away if the offer that has been submitted for their project is a standard offer, or if the web designer has actually taken some extra care and interest into the specific details of the project. What you can do to signal your genuine and unique interest is;
. Detail your expertise in relation to specific aspects of the project. For example if the project requires the construction of WordPress templates then describe your specialised knowledge in this area.
. Suggest concrete ideas for a solution to the customers problem.
. Contact the customer for more details of the project, so that you can submit a better offer. This is sure to signal your passion for the job.

Talk to the client as a human being;
No matter the size of the web design project, what will really boost your chances of landing the job is if you are able to bring the personal touch to your project offer. If you treat the customer as an equal and strive to bring a more human touch of your services then this will enhance your chances. For instance, if the details of the project are insufficient or unrealistic (say perhaps the proposed deadline is not long enough), if you communicate this to the client and work with them to find a compromise then you can be sure to leave a very good impression on the client. This will mark out your honesty and professionalism right from the start and shows that you can be a valuable and knowledgeable business partner. Moreover, it may sound simple but address the customer by their name (or at least address your offer to the contact person given).

This sounds way better than Dear Sir/Madam.

Showcase your skills!
Sometimes actions speak louder than words, and it could be that from a wide selection of candidates, your portfolio of past work may swing the balance in your favour.
. Provide examples of previous web designs that you have created, this will show your diversity as a web designer and display your skills to the customer in the fastest sense possible.
. If you have worked on a number of different projects including the creation of Ecommerce websites, then showing these examples will show the diversity of your talents.
. If you have not worked on a large number of projects, then why not include certificates and qualifications as well? This will demonstrate your skilled expertise in web design and should put any fears as to your ability at ease.
. Take the initiative and supply a small portfolio of previous templates and themes that you have designed in the past together with your project offer.

What is important to remember that with any project offer, you will not only need to convince the client of your professionalism and skills, but you will also need to give an impression to the client that you are down to earth and very approachable. You must convince the client that you are happy to work with them at every step along the way, and that youll always be willing to provide your aid and assistance to their web design project.

This is crucial as not every expert is happy to work with the customer in a collaborative effort and will rather not take the customers objections seriously because they feel their more qualified opinion is correct. Thus, by making the extra effort to contact the client directly on a human level, you can show that you are ready to combine your expertise and enthusiasm with the customers dreams and desires.

Robert from twago

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