My eXPerience with Windows XP x64

AMD64Finally, yesterday my new PC has arrived: a Sempron 3000+ 64-bit (this, and the flu I got, are the reasons because I skipped a day of update of this blog).
I installed Windows x64, the XP 64 bit version. Here are my impressions, my tips and the reason because I came back to “normal” XP, renouncing, by now, to get the “full power” of my new CPU.

  • XP x64 is fast, very fast, this is clear starting from the basic “open and close” of the windows, there are no pauses, it’s really comfortable to use it;
  • it’s a pity that Internet Explorer, available in 32 and 64 versions, must be used in 32 version, because every Flash animation or every ActiveX in pages don’t work with 64 bit version;
  • More than 1 hour to force installation of my ATI Radeon 9000 driver: ATI stopped to support older video board with 64 bit drivers. Finally, I made Windows recognize it as the newer Radeon 9500, with some modification to the installation .inf file, but it was really annoying…
  • The good TrayZone app doesn’t work in Windows x64 (I already wrote to the author of this little tool to ask him if he can prepare a modded version);
  • Luckily, the drivers for my satellite TV board SkyStar2 are available also in x64 version, but the modified version by MiBi doesn’t exist, to make work the rotor of my sat antenna :(
  • I had big problems also reinstalling Eurobarre (even if I succeded forcing also the installation of this application).

Considering that those troubles were concentred in a few hours, while I was reinstalling the softwares and settings I keep in my system, I can tell you that… World is not ready for Windows x64 😉
Just to tell it in a better way, this power is tasty, and it would be nice to use it: but for the moment, using a 64 bit CPU in full power mode is ok in a server, or if we’ve some special need (computer graphic, ray-tracing, if we need large computing power), and it’s ok for very PC passionate people. For normal users, or for… medium geeks like me, it’s better to wait a little more that the diffusion of 64 bit CPU reach the majority of the users, and so that every driver and applications will be released in 64 version. By now, it’s too soon.

Anyway, if you want to try Windows XP x64, I can suggest patience and articles like this, and of course some searches with Google to make it work, with nice habits or punches, our old applications. Good luck 😉

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