Ten Consoles in a Cellphone

vBagLet’s go back to cellphones based on Symbian S60 operating system (the Nokia 6600, 6630, 6680… and the others, also not Nokia.
It’s hard to enumerate all the applications and games availables for these little jewels, that are more like Palm PC than simply Phones. Today I want to speak about the emulators currently availables.

If you don’t know, an emulator is basically an application that allows a device (usually a PC, but we’re talking about a cellphone) to run other applications or games that were originally “written” for other devices, computers, consoles.
An example? I think the most famous emulator is Mame (also a reduced version for Symbian does exists, see below) that, installed on a PC allows to play an huge list of coin-op games, recents and less-recents.

The list below is a collection of the emulators for Symbian phones, that I know. If I forgot someone, please make me know: leave a comment 😉


  • Frodo :: Commodore 64
  • E2MAME :: Coin-ops
  • PicoDrive :: SEGA Megadrive
  • ZXBoy :: Sinclair Spectrum (version with sound only for registered users)
  • fMSX :: MSX
  • Crazy Chip-8 :: Chip-8 (Pong, Space Invaders…)
  • ScummVM :: Graphic adventures with SCUMM system (Monkey Island, Indiana Jones…)
  • vBag :: Gameboy Advance (without sound and interface, this is a preview, read instructions to load games)


  • Super GoBoy :: Gameboy & Gameboy Color
  • vBoy :: Gameboy & Gameboy Color
  • vNES :: Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Yew NES :: Nintendo Entertainment System
  • vSun :: Super Nintendo (SNES)

It’s foregone, but I have to remember you that the ROMs (the games that you’ve to load in your phone to use them with relative emulators) are available to download throught any file-sharing circuit, and often also on the Web, but it’s illegal downloading and playing with games if you don’t have the original copy.

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