The French Google Earth, Too Bad!

For sure, I’m not an hater of France… I have some relatives in Nice, on the southern “Blue Coast” and I was really interested when I heard from TV that French Government launched it’s Geo-Portal, a Web 2.0 site presented like the killer of Google Earth, at least for french territories.

Geoportail and Google Maps

French Televisions and Newspaper plainly promoted “GeoPortail“, highlighting the quality of the photos (that should be only aerial, and not mainly from satellites, like Google Earth) that compose the Geographic map of France.
Even President Chirac talked about GeoPortail like a real prodigy, and like a fresh, new service offered to french population.

It was 23th of June. It’s a pity that the portal was unreachable for the whole first week because of too many connected users. At first, the site was simply too slow to use it, next it was blocked with an “excuses screen”. Is it normal for a governative website?

At last, today I got access. To discover that the service is basically a copy of Google Earth (or Google Maps, to make precise); I tried a couple of locations, and photos seem not to be aerial: quality is lower than Google, and it’s impossibile to zoom in after some magnifications. I don’t know how much GeoPortail costed to French Population, but I’m sure that their money should be spended in a more intelligent way…

UPDATE: Because of TomHTML’s comment, not agreeing with my opinion that photo quality of GeoPortail is low, I’m adding some further comparison:



… on the other side, there’re several parts of France for which Google doesn’t offer high-resolution photos. But I’m asking to myself if it was so important to spend to create a clone of Google Maps (with a very poor search feature, as ArkanGL say in his comment), also considering that Google is adding new and better photos to it’s software, day by day…

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