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Recreating the Puma Pace 2006 Font

Raneri in... I spent some time searching for the Puma Pace 2006” font on the Internet. It’s the custom font used by Puma for players’ t-shirts at Germany FIFA World Cup.
It seems to be impossible to find it: it wasn’t released and it’s not for sale.

The only decent source I found was this little GIF with a sample of the font. So I thought to try to re-create the original font, starting from it. It was a good chanche to try a couple of font creating applications.

So, I found FontCreator, that is a good app (it’s not free, but a trial version is available) and I vectorialized the characters I took from the above GIF. Unfortunately, only 16 of them (all in lower-case) were available, so the TTF file I obtained is very incomplete (ok it’s also bad because I didn’t a precise work… :P), but it’s sufficient to write my name like it could be on a soccer t-shirt 😀

I also found that there’s an another free font, Electrotome that is similar to Puma Pace 2006. It could be interesting to continue my work and to do a “mashup” of the two fonts (and maybe finding some other original characters from anywhere), to get a complete set of an “unofficial” Puma Pace 2006 font 😉

Is there anyone that has time to do it? 😉

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