Nokia LifeBlog 2.x also for S60 phones

LifeBlogRecently I had problems trying to make Nokia LifeBlog work for my Nokia 6680: the last version available for my model (or similar ones, like the 6630) is the 1.8, but it is incompatible with the newest PC Suite 6.81.13. In addiction, the newer 2.x version is nicer, it has more functions and it doesn’t require any license to work, but it is (officially) only for Nokia N-series phones.

… no everybody knows that it’s possible to have it work also with our series 60 devices, using a quick trick 😉

1. download and install Nokia Life Blog phone version on your mobile (currently it’s v. 1.6);
2. tell a little lie 😛 and choose a N-series phone (for example, I have a Nokia 6680 and I selected Nokia N70): the wizard will make you download Life Blog for PC v. 2.x (currently: v. 2.1);
3. Install it on your PC and then go to the application folder (for example: C:\Program Files\Nokia\Nokia Lifeblog); open the file named SyncConfig.xml with Notepad or another text editor;
4. Un-comment the part of the text between <!– and –>(in other words, you’ve only to delete <!– and –>);
5. It’s done! Now you can use Life Blog also with your 6630, 6680, etc…

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