Group Photo Fixer

Microsoft Group ShotWhen you take a picture of a group of persons, it’s hard to have everybody with open eyes, with a natural face expression, with nothing to be fixed.
Of course you can take some pics and then “merge” them with an application like Photoshop, but you have also a quicker alternative: MSR Group Shot, from Microsoft.

This is little and free software can import two or more pictures of a same subject, and then merge them using only the parts that the user prefers.

Let’s see a simple example. I have these two photos I took with my girlfriend:

Pic 1 Pic 2

… what about we want to wear same transparent glasses? Well, we import the two files in Group Shot and we select her eyes in the first pic and my eyes in the second:

Pick 1Pick 2

The application understand that we want to “swap faces”, so after some seconds we can click on “View Composite” to get the final image:

Et voilà!

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