Italy spent 45.000.000 Euros for a site

(vai alla versione italiana di questo articolo)

Finally, the official italian tourism portal is open.

Roberto Falavotti, the managing director of “Sì Innovazione Italia” said that Italy “invested” 45 millions of Euros to see it completed:

  • 21 millions to make italian deparments insert contents;
  • 4 millions to aggregate the centralized informations;
  • 8 millions to IBM;
  • … and the rests to “finalize it”.

For a person like me (I work as web developer), this is a real insult to my intelligence: how a nation can spend 45.000.000 euros (of our money) for a single site? In addition, now it’s really slow (and it doesn’t respect accessibility rules!)… how many servers you can buy with 1 million of Euros?

… and this site (ITALIA.IT) is on U.S. servers.

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