Shit happens“Ops, we did it again”.

It seems that Googlebombing is still working, even if Google announced stronger filters to avoid it.
Many italian bloggers decided to link “merda” (the italian word to say “shit”) to the official italian tourism portal (, after they knew that this modest government site costed 42 millions of Euros.
So, if you are Googling for “merda” from Google Italia today, you’ll get as the very first search result: nuts to SEO experts đŸ˜€

I don’t know if tomorrow it will be the same (and if this result is worldwide), so here’s a screenshot for the history đŸ˜‰
Another very funny element is the sponsorized link on the right (“… that we’re not”), featuring RItaliaCamp, the antagonist and no-profit site, born to re-think in a social, collaborative and useful way.

Merda d’artista

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