FON access points on your GPS

a FON access point (red square) in TomTomWho doesn’t know what FON is? I already talked about this amazing project that tries to create a worldwide network of free Wi-fi spots, thanks to FON users sharing their bandwidth in a relationship of (free) mutual trade.

FON Maps is a Google Maps application that helps users to find the nearest FON access point, but what I can do if I’m going to move to a foreign city and I want to connect to a FON spot? I can’t use FON Maps if I’m not online, but I can’t go online if I don’t know where is the nearest FON access point!

Raúl Ochoa did something for me: FON Maps Liberator is a web mashup that uses FON Maps to export the position of access points in .GPX format, to add them to the “Point Of Interest” of our GPS.

For example, I entered the name of a street of the zone of Torino where I were planning to go this week-end, and I saved the .GPX file on my hard drive (about 30 FON spots in 5Km²); then I exported in TomTom format (.ov2) with PoiEdit, a very good (shareware) software and I put the final file into the MMC card of my Nokia 6680.

When I had to connect to the Internet with a notebook from Torino, I told to TomTom to bring me to a near FON Spot and after 10 minutes (only 5 for the nearest, but it wasn’t active :( ) I was checking my e-mail, sitting in my car 😉 (it seems that this service has been discontinued)

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