La Fonera & The Ugly Modem

Alice GateI’m moving from home, so I had to change the home network configuration to let my father continue to connect… without my Netgear DG834G Wi-Fi router.

I connected my very nice Fonera to the old modem/router that my provider sent me a lot of time ago: it’s a Pirelli “AliceGate” device, with both USB and Ethernet ports… it can be used as a normal USB modem or like a router, but it hasn’t an integrated authentication system, so users must enter login and passwords from the PC to access the Internet.

So, I discovered che La Fonera can be configured to authenticate itself, and it’s really simple: just connect to it’s private network throught Wifi, and go with your favourite browser to it’s setup page (it’s default network address is and login/password are admin/admin), then go to “Advanced” section and enter these settings:

Internet Connection
– User: your login (provided by your provider 😀 )
– Password: your password

Network settings
– IP:
– Subnet mask:

Now switch your Fonera Off and On… and after a couple of minutes you should be have a working Internet wi-fi connection available 😉

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