How to change your Windows Live Login/Email

windowslivemessengerWARNING: After some tests, it seems that Windows Live Messenger contact list have problems after change of email login. So do this at your risk.
This problem always plagued Windows Live (aka MSN) users: you signed up for a Microsoft Passport account since 2002  with a custom e-mail as login, then you changed the e-mail address but you can’t change your Live Messenger login (this was my case).

About a year ago I tried to directly ask Microsoft, but they answered me that this wasn’t possible; they suggested me to sign up for a new Live account.

Now I discovered that it’s possible to do it easily.

Just login here with your Live credentials and then click on “change” near to your e-mail address :)

NOTE for Messenger users: as stated by Microsoft, e-mail/login changes require about 1 hour, so you could have some problems signin in or using Live Messenger after the modification.

NOTE for @hotmail/@live/etc… users: I don’t know if it’s possible to change your e-mail/login even if you have a Live account based on a e-mail address managed by Microsoft. Will you lose your e-mails? Make me know 😛

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