Live Messenger: how to fix error 81000306

6a00d83452791169e200e54f09eca68833-800wiI’m currently testing the first public beta of Windows 7 on a desktop and a notebook, so I installed Live Messenger through the official Live installer provided from Microsoft as optional pack of the operating system. While there wasn’t problems on the notebook (connected to the LAN via Wi-fi), the desktop gived me 81000306 error trying to connect to Messenger service. After a lot of tests, including activation of uPNP on the router and forwarding the typical Messenger ports to the desktop’s IP, I finally discovered that the problem was in a feature of Windows 7 (also included in Windows Vista), the auto tuning of TCP stack. To disable this feature (that seems to be also the cause of network slowness on some LAN), you’ve to execute a simple command as Administrator:

  • click on the Windows logo in the bottom-left corner of the screen (the old “start” menu);
  • type CMD.EXE and wait a second: the cmd.exe program will appair in a list;
  • right-click it and choose “Run as Administrator”, then confirm the action in the request that will appair;
  • you’ll see a black window; type the following command: netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
  • now just close the window and try to connect with Windows Live Messenger (it shouldn’t be necessary to restart the computer).

Note 1: I suspect that this problem is linked to my hardware (a Netgear DG834G router and a Atheros PCIE Gigabit LAN, on a ASUS M2A-MX motherboard).

Note 2: If you want to restore the auto tuning feature, you’ve to repeat the above process with the following command: netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal

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