Avast! Antivirus causes BSOD on Windows 7 beta

windows_xp_bsodToday I fixed a new problem with my test installation of Windows 7 (first public beta): Avast! Free – my “default” antivirus, was causing random system crashes. After some tries, I understood that blue screen of death was occurring during internal network activity. To be more precise, the problem is located in the use of shared folders (aka “samba shares”, for Linux users) and it involves the tdx.sys file, that seems to be often a protagonist of BSODs.

I suspect that this problem is not directly bound to Avast! (in any case this can’t be considered a bug of the application because  Windows 7 is in beta status and so isn’t officially supported by Avast! Antivirus) but to the drivers of my network card, as seen in my previous post about connection problems with Live Messenger.

The fix was simply to uninstall Avast!, replacing it with another free antivirus: Avira Antivir, that seems to run smoothly without any problems, also on Win 7.

Now I’ve to solve my last-big-network-problem with the new operating system from Microsoft: I cannot access shared folders and printers from a Mac Mini of my LAN. No problems with Vista, no problems neither with Linux (and shared folders are using SMB protocol from Microsoft!), but nothing to do with Windows 7.  Stay tuned 😉

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