The recipe for a perfect project offer; Honesty, experience & approachability

Its an experience that is common to many freelance web designers out there; you join an online platform, find an interesting (and lucrative) project that you think fits perfectly to your expertise and background, you submit a bid on this project and then find yourself battling it out with other freelancers. In this scenario its easy to get lost amongst the crowd and one thing that all freelancers share in common, is the need to rise above the competition and showcase their skills and expertise to potential clients effectively.

Therefore, more often than not, first impressions will count for everything when a client is making a choice between many web designers who on paper all look like the best bet for their project. So how can you secure the project?

Showing a genuine interest in the project;
A lot of the time, many freelancers who are members of online platforms will get an automatic email whenever a project is published that falls into their area of expertise. Due to the amount of notifications these freelancers usually send off a standard, typical response to these projects signaling their interest. However, the customer can usually notice straight away if the offer that has been submitted for their project is a standard offer, or if the web designer has actually taken some extra care and interest into the specific details of the project. What you can do to signal your genuine and unique interest is;
. Detail your expertise in relation to specific aspects of the project. For example if the project requires the construction of WordPress templates then describe your specialised knowledge in this area.
. Suggest concrete ideas for a solution to the customers problem.
. Contact the customer for more details of the project, so that you can submit a better offer. This is sure to signal your passion for the job.

Talk to the client as a human being;
No matter the size of the web design project, what will really boost your chances of landing the job is if you are able to bring the personal touch to your project offer. If you treat the customer as an equal and strive to bring a more human touch of your services then this will enhance your chances. For instance, if the details of the project are insufficient or unrealistic (say perhaps the proposed deadline is not long enough), if you communicate this to the client and work with them to find a compromise then you can be sure to leave a very good impression on the client. This will mark out your honesty and professionalism right from the start and shows that you can be a valuable and knowledgeable business partner. Moreover, it may sound simple but address the customer by their name (or at least address your offer to the contact person given).

This sounds way better than Dear Sir/Madam.

Showcase your skills!
Sometimes actions speak louder than words, and it could be that from a wide selection of candidates, your portfolio of past work may swing the balance in your favour.
. Provide examples of previous web designs that you have created, this will show your diversity as a web designer and display your skills to the customer in the fastest sense possible.
. If you have worked on a number of different projects including the creation of Ecommerce websites, then showing these examples will show the diversity of your talents.
. If you have not worked on a large number of projects, then why not include certificates and qualifications as well? This will demonstrate your skilled expertise in web design and should put any fears as to your ability at ease.
. Take the initiative and supply a small portfolio of previous templates and themes that you have designed in the past together with your project offer.

What is important to remember that with any project offer, you will not only need to convince the client of your professionalism and skills, but you will also need to give an impression to the client that you are down to earth and very approachable. You must convince the client that you are happy to work with them at every step along the way, and that youll always be willing to provide your aid and assistance to their web design project.

This is crucial as not every expert is happy to work with the customer in a collaborative effort and will rather not take the customers objections seriously because they feel their more qualified opinion is correct. Thus, by making the extra effort to contact the client directly on a human level, you can show that you are ready to combine your expertise and enthusiasm with the customers dreams and desires.

Robert from twago

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