Aroundly finally available on iPhone

Turin (Italy), 30th September 2011 Raneri Web Design is pleased to announce the launch of Aroundly, the new social sharing app available from today for Apple iPhone. Aroundly works like a photographic Wikipedia, where everyone is user and contributor of a unique and continuous stream of pictures coming from every part of the World.

The concept is based on simplicity and immediacy: users only have to use Aroundly instead of the default Camera app; every photo is instantly geolocalized and uploaded on, where anyone can follow the live flow. All of this occurs without any need of signup: both uploaders and viewers can use Aroundly freely and anonymously.

If you ever asked to yourself if it’s worth to go to that party tonight, or if you’re just curious about what is happening on the 5th avenue in New York City right now, you have just to check on if someone is using Aroundly there. If so, you’ll get a near-live photo of the situation.

Aroundly also represents the world photo album of the last month. Photos are stored for 30 days: users can connect to and center the map on an exact date/time/location in the past to get the corresponding images. If you are looking for a solution to get all the pictures that people are taking with their iPhones at your friend’s wedding, Aroundly is the answer.

Services on are free for everyone, without limitations. The Aroundly app is now available for the download from the App Store and it will be free for a limited period of time.

App Store link:

Aroundly website:

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