Story of a Spam/Scam attempt

Tonight I received one of the many spam-and-scam emails that lands on my mail address. This time I’ve chosen to challenge him and spend some funny time with this new friend 🙂

I need your urgent response
I am using this medium to inform each transaction involving the transfer of $ 21,500,000 (Twenty million five hundred thousand dollars) in my bank in China to you as a receiver. This will be 100% safe, the paying customer’s deceased.
Please contact on my private email below for any questions and further information.

Sang Chin

My answer:

Can you explain your needs in a clearer way?


Well, if he’s not a reader of this blog… I will receive an answer. I will keep you informed about the progress. I hope to receive soon my $ 21,500,000 by wire transfer 😉

Update (1° April)
after all… it’s fool day, perfect for this kind of things 🙂 I received his first answer:

Dear Friend

I need you to this email to read thoroughly to understand the principle behind this project. This transaction has died on our customers who, with his wife and children accidentally leave anyone come to claim his funds with our bank. The deceased customer used his wife as the next of kin but unfortunately the wife died along side with him leaving nobody to $ 21,500,000 (Twenty-One Million, Five Hundred Thousand U.S. Dollars) he deposited in our bank.

According to our banking law, if deceased funds remain unclaimed, the funds in the Reserve Bank will be transferred as unclaimed Bill. This issue was raised in the board meeting held, and I do not believe that the funds go into the bank treasury and as such we want to argue that the fund now if you are interested.

The reason why I contacted you is because I have a foreign partner in order to assist me in this project because it is too risky to transfer this fund to my fellow Chinese person. As a point of emphasis, I would like you as a person worthy of trust, to receive this money available when it is transmitted. You do not have to worry about the financial paperwork for this transaction. Everything has been planned to its logical end and I will lead you every step of the way. I will do everything legally required to ensure that the project is successful.

Action Plan:

The plan is to transfer this fund in your name to our corresponding bank in the Netherlands, because the bank has a transactional understanding with my bank here and they are our corresponding bank in Europe and therefore easy and smooth for the transfer of funds. With this option, you are prompted to open an offshore bank account in this bank to obtain this transfer before we take our respective shares.

* In the meantime, let’s keep this message to e-mails until we have built up enough trust in each other for safety. to perfect all necessary documents on your behalf by an attorney and the right to this transaction, it deserves, you are sending the following information:

1 Full Name:

2 Address:

3 A copy of your means of identification (driver * s license or International Passport or National ID)

4 Occupation:

5 Marital status:

As soon as I receive the above information, I will send you together with the application for and release of funds * to fill the same information about me and apply for the dissolution of the Fund.

Due to the sensitive nature of the transaction, please, it is important that we keep it a secret to us so that we can enjoy the benefit without the fear that someone else is aware of it.

I want to say again that your shares be 50% of $ 21.5 million USD, equal to $ 10.75 million U.S. dollars.

I’ll enlighten you on matters from the areas you need more clarifications on this project welcome. Waiting for your quick response.


Sang Chin

My answer:

Hi Sang,

Thank you very much for the explanation. I understand that you are trying to unblock and move these 21 million dollars outside china, I find this deal very interesting. Will the opening procedure of this bank account in the Netherlands cost money for me?
Best regards,
Update (3th April)

Dear Riccardo,

Thank you for your responce i quite appreciate, the question you asked will be answered later as we proceed into the transaction.

Meanwhile for my part, I will never betray you. I urge you to follow this project without prejudice or bias and, hopefully, we will be able to complete successfully and live a better life.

As I asked in my last email, you must send a copy of your identification in the form of identity card or driving license or international passport by e-mail attachment. I assure you that your data and identification will not be used for any other reason except for the purpose of this project. I am a banker and know what it means.

For a project of this magnitude, you will agree with me that asks you to send a copy of your identity is not asking too much. please i need for us to proceed and prepare documents on your behalf to claim this fund. I will not accept any form of agreement for this project low. My personal information is as follows:

1. Name: Chin Sang

2. Address: No. 63, Shuinan Street, Yanping District Nanping. China.

3. Copy of identification: Annex

4. Occupation: Manager

5. Marital status: Married

I work as an investment manager in Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), China. I have a wife and three children (two daughters and a son). Please do not use this information against me because it will affect my family and work. A copy of my ID is attached to this email.

Thank you,

My answer:

Hello Sang,

Ok, I’m attaching a scan copy of my ID card.

I have to ask you again about the costs of this operation, because I have not much money, so I don’t know if I can afford the cost of opening a bank account in the Netherlands. Can you give my some information about this topic?

Of course I DIDN’T attached my ID card; instead, I dowloaded an example of corrupted image file from Google Images and I’ve sent this to Mr. Sang. It is 4MB, just to fill his mailbox a bit 🙂
Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 01.55.07
Update (4th April)
Dear Riccardo,
I received your mail but the copy of ID you sent could not be open, an error might have occure while sending it to me. i will advise you to resend it so i can receive it for it is very important.
Once am in receipt of the Id card i will send you all the neccessary information you are waitng to know.
Chin Sang.
We stopped here, it’s enough. If everyone would do the same… poor spammers 🙂
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