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Story of a Spam/Scam attempt

Tonight I received one of the many spam-and-scam emails that lands on my mail address. This time I’ve chosen to challenge him and spend some funny time with this new friend 🙂 I need your urgent response I am using this medium to inform each transaction involving the transfer of $ 21,500,000 (Twenty million five hundred […]

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Cannot receive emails from PayPal? Check your MX settings

Recently we had a problem with a domain we own: we were able to receive emails from anyone but PayPal, including “you have received a payment” notifications. After some research we discovered that the MX server listed in the DNS settings of the domain was under the form of a plain IP address, without hostname. […]

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IMAP Addresses Exporter for OS X

Raneri Web Design is proud to announce the release of IMAP Addresses Exporter for Mac. This simple and plain software solves the problem of exporting email addresses of people that wrote to us. When we have – for example – a Gmail account from which we want to export a list of sender addresses from […]

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StepMyCast makes you share your presentations with the World

Today we launched our new startup: lets you compose your webcasts directly online: you have just to upload your video (almost in any format) and your slides (PPT, ODT, Excel, Word…) to be synced with the video. In three steps your presentation is ready to be broadcasted to the entire world! The best feature […]

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How to permanently delete a song from your iTunes library

This is one of the those little problems that everyone, with an iPhone/iPod/iPad, encounters someday: you delete a song from iTunes, then you connect your iDevice to the computer and do the synchronization. For some reason, the deleted song reappear, both on your mobile and on your computer. What a damned nuisance! The reason iTunes […]

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How Italy is self destructing itself – a proposal from an ignorant guy

The Eurozone crisis has already took Greece, Spain and Italy. I can observe only my country from here, so I’ll talk about Italy. We live in a country where salaries are stuck since 20 years, unemployment for younger than 24 is over 36% and work taxation is over 42%. We have a technical government since […]

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Goodbye Friends for iPhone and iPad is out

Our new app is now available on the App Store: “Goodbye Friends” allows Facebook users to check the status of their friend list, to discover who unfriends you. With a sleek and light interface, you’ll install and start using it with a couple of taps! Just accept the permission that the app asks you (only […]

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Thank you, Steve

Steve Jobs died today when he was 56 years old. Raneri Web Design remembers and simply wants to say “thank you” to a visonary man that changed the way the World looks at computers.

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Aroundly finally available on iPhone

Turin (Italy), 30th September 2011 Raneri Web Design is pleased to announce the launch of Aroundly, the new social sharing app available from today for Apple iPhone. Aroundly works like a photographic Wikipedia, where everyone is user and contributor of a unique and continuous stream of pictures coming from every part of the World. The […]

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The recipe for a perfect project offer; Honesty, experience & approachability

Its an experience that is common to many freelance web designers out there; you join an online platform, find an interesting (and lucrative) project that you think fits perfectly to your expertise and background, you submit a bid on this project and then find yourself battling it out with other freelancers. In this scenario its […]

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