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No HDD LED on your PC? Put it in the systray

Thanks to a brilliant designer at Dell, a new laptop I bought has the Hard drive LED behind the LCD panel, so it’s impossible for the user to see the disk activity. I tried a couple of software utilities to provide a replacement to this lack; the best I found is a freeware.

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Jailbreakme 3.0 is released!

Breaking news – Comex has finally released the new version of Jailbreakme, the online tool capable to jailbreak 4.3.3 iOS devices, including the iPad 2. First reaction and positive reports are appearing on Twitter. Happy jailbreaking! JailbreakMe 3.0

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14 years of Apple in 14 screenshots

Everyone is talking about Apple. One of the best way to visualize the history of a tech company is through its website, and how it has changed in the years. Here we present you a series of screenshot of the home page of one for each year, since 1997 to 2010. Have a nice […]

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How to Disable “show-desktop-on-hover” in Windows 7

This feature of Windows 7 (its correct name is “Aero Peek“) is often hated by users that want to be free moving the mouse anywhere in the screen, without that anything happens. The new “show desktop” corner in the right is a really good idea and I use it everyday, but I also prefer to […]

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Live Video from the “Oil Spill Cam”

The Internet’s got a new talent: that damn hole in the Gulf of Mexico that is spilling roughly 200.000 gallons of oil a day into the ocean. For the moment, every attempt from BP to stop it has failed; in compensation, they had no problems with the installation of a camera that broadcast from deep […]

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Windows 7 “Show Desktop” button on XP

It could sounds ironic, but the main feature I miss from Windows Seven – when I’m using a PC with Windows XP – it’s that little button on the bottom-right corner of the screen. Nina, an MBA accounting student I know, talks about how useful this button used to be. It has the same functionality of […]

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SugarSync synchronizes your documents for free, brings them to your smartphone

I was looking for a complete solution to keep the office PC with my laptop in sync: SugarSync does more: it offers a free 2.5Gb storage space to synchronize an unlimited number of folders between two computers; in addiction, they gives you a mobile application – available for Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Blackberry – […]

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Waze, the free social GPS

Waze is born from a simple and smart idea: connecting cars together, to automatically create a new “social network” that detects and gives alerts about traffic conditions, police traps and accidents. You’ve only to install the Waze client, free and available for Android, iPhone, Symbian and Windows Mobile, starting it everytime you’re driving your car. […]

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WinX DVD Author is free until October, 31th

Digiarty Software informed me that they began an interesting giveaway for their new DVD Authoring software: you can download WinX DVD Author and get a free unlimited license, until the end of the month. Next, the cost will be USD 29.95. WinX DVD Author is able to create DVD-Video directly from a variety of formats […]

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Tweak your monitor settings from Windows

While we are waiting for BLUntrl, a very promising application that is partecipating to the Windows 7 “Code 7 Contest”, I want to put highlight an interesting little utility: ScreenBright (aka “ScreenWhite”) is able to control your monitor brightness, contrast and color balance, directly from Windows. ScreenWhite is really basic, but it represent one of […]

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