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How to Install Internet Explorer 6 and 7 on the same PC

I want to suggest a very good work from TredoSoft: Multiple IE Installer (aka MultipleIEs) is a free tool that installs all the previous versions of Internet Explorer (from 3.0 to 6.0) on a Windows PC, allowing Internet Explorer 7 users to use older versions of IE on the same computer. It was very useful […]

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How to Mount an FTP as a Windows drive

As a web developer I work everyday with FTP to transfer and update files on several web servers. The process is simple but boring: I’ve to download a page on my hard drive, edit it and then upload it back on the remote machine to test my modifications. These activities must be done with an […]

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A Free Defragger

Auslogics Disk Defrag is a free defragmentation tool. It seems to work very well on Windows systems, and several forums on the Internet confirm its efficiency. Its free version is the only available (this is not a “lite” implementation of a more featured application) and it offers a nice interface and great defragmentation speed, compared […]

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Group Photo Fixer

When you take a picture of a group of persons, it’s hard to have everybody with open eyes, with a natural face expression, with nothing to be fixed. Of course you can take some pics and then “merge” them with an application like Photoshop, but you have also a quicker alternative: MSR Group Shot, from Microsoft. […]

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InFetch 1.0: Parse Invision Forums and save Full Lists of Topics

[Versione Italiana QUI] Update (June, 17th 2009): this project has been discontinued. InFetch is a little application that I developed. I needed to get the full List of Topics inside a section of a Forum, based on Invision Power Board: it was divided in 160 pages, and I didn’t want to merely browse them and to copy’n’paste threads in Word, […]

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Cut away Ads from Messenger

This is probably not a news for a lot of people, but it’s surely a good tip for someone 😉 On one of the most appreciated patches for MSN Messenger (that since some time has a new name: “Windows Live Messenger”) is spreaded: who applies it to the famous application can activate many addictional features, like Messenger […]

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2 Useful Tips for Graphic Cards

1 – Are you tired of playing videogames at low screen refresh on your old CRT monitor? Me too… Usually games runs at a 60Hz refresh mode, (I think) to be “safe” for older monitors, and it’s often impossible to configure them to run at higher refresh rates. Reforce solves this problem, allowing you to exclude screen […]

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Recreating the Puma Pace 2006 Font

I spent some time searching for the “Puma Pace 2006” font on the Internet. It’s the custom font used by Puma for players’ t-shirts at Germany FIFA World Cup. It seems to be impossible to find it: it wasn’t released and it’s not for sale. The only decent source I found was this little GIF […]

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tabbyFile is a small Windows Explorer remplacement. This free utility stays in the systray, ready to be double-clicked in any moment. tabbyFile has no functions at all, only a useful bookmark system, to go quickly to your favourite folders, and the possibility to open different directories in different tabs, to compare or to copy/paste elements […]

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EyesWeb: Real Time Audio/Video Effects

I’m back from lessons of Dr. Antonio Camurri, professor at the university I attend. He teaches “Image Processing” to us, and he presented his software, a free real-time audio/video processor, that can elaborate data from several sources (AVI or cameras, also from normal Webcams and/or PC microphones). EyesWeb (this is the name of the software) […]

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