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WinX DVD Author is free until October, 31th

Digiarty Software informed me that they began an interesting giveaway for their new DVD Authoring software: you can download WinX DVD Author and get a free unlimited license, until the end of the month. Next, the cost will be USD 29.95. WinX DVD Author is able to create DVD-Video directly from a variety of formats […]

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Google being evil with developers

Don’t be evil is the famous Google slogan. Since some time, it seems that something is changing: last week they contacted Cyanogen, the author of the most famous “unofficial” firmware for Android phones, telling him to stop the distribution of these releases; the problem comes from the fact that Android code is open source, but […]

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Bloggers under attack: new WordPress vulnerability

Every blog based on WordPress – the most famous CMS for blog management – is at risk since yesterday, because a new security hole that was discovered in this platform, until version 2.8.3. This bug allow the “injection” of a new administrator account in the blog; from this account it’s possibile to do anything. The […]

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gCalTasks, log your tasks on Google Calendar

I just released the very first version of gCalTasks, a free gadget (Windows 7, Windows Vista) that is able to record and directly log your activities/tasks to your Google Calendar. It works also with private calendars. Extended info and download link on the gCalTasks dedicated page on this blog.

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Windows 7 beta is out

Post updated at 13:50 (GMT+1) on June, 17th 2009 – Now Windows 7 RC1 is public and available to everyone. As anticipated by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at CES (Las Vegas), Windows 7 first public beta is now available for free download. Windows Vista users are free to get and install it on their computers […]

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Why it’s necessary to reform the world e-mail system

Short answer: Because of spam. Long answer: Do you know that e-mail comes from the early ’70s? One upon a time… only militar people – and then univerities – had access to the Internet (aka ARPANET), and nobody thought that one day anyone will connect to each other with one, unique, world-wide network, without fines. […]

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Funny Google Reader bug

I just encountered a little bug in Google Reader, that I use everyday to read some feeds. One of them (Downloadblog, a nice italian professional blog about technology) is marked in bold, having one unread item, but if I click on it, Reader tells me that it doesn’t contain any unread item. The fun part […]

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Google uses Microsoft .NET

I recently received an e-mail from the team of Google Adsense, that invited me to partecipate to a simple survey about their advertising service. I cannot speak about contents of this survey, as required by their terms… anyway I have to highlight an interesting point I noticed: The scripting language used for the survey is […]

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Microsoft reveals “Open Source Hero” (aka “Forge New Powers”)

Today, as promised, Microsoft launched its new project: some days ago it took an obscure domain,, that pointed to with a black background and a cryptic senstence: “{Forge} New Powers” and a reference to the launch date: “February 27, 2008“. Now the site is open and the mistery is unleashed. “{Open Source} Heroes […]

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Shit happens

“Ops, we did it again”. It seems that Googlebombing is still working, even if Google announced stronger filters to avoid it. Many italian bloggers decided to link “merda” (the italian word to say “shit”) to the official italian tourism portal (, after they knew that this modest government site costed 42 millions of Euros. So, […]

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