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How Italy is self destructing itself – a proposal from an ignorant guy

The Eurozone crisis has already took Greece, Spain and Italy. I can observe only my country from here, so I’ll talk about Italy. We live in a country where salaries are stuck since 20 years, unemployment for younger than 24 is over 36% and work taxation is over 42%. We have a technical government since […]

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Live Video from the “Oil Spill Cam”

The Internet’s got a new talent: that damn hole in the Gulf of Mexico that is spilling roughly 200.000 gallons of oil a day into the ocean. For the moment, every attempt from BP to stop it has failed; in compensation, they had no problems with the installation of a camera that broadcast from deep […]

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Please *don’t* insert coin

Today I discovered that French autoroutes have added this strange notice to every toll gate: “5 and 15 are not accepted”. I thought that 5 and 15 were only banknote. It seems I’m a inattentive european 😀

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