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Windows 7 “Show Desktop” button on XP

It could sounds ironic, but the main feature I miss from Windows Seven – when I’m using a PC with Windows XP – it’s that little button on the bottom-right corner of the screen. Nina, an MBA accounting student I know, talks about how useful this button used to be. It has the same functionality of […]

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Feedbacks to Windows 7 developer team

As I stated some days ago, I’m testing Windows 7 beta 1. Honestly, I’m very satisfied by the new operating system of Microsoft, that seems to be “What Vista wasn’t”. Because of my satisfaction, I’m trying to give my little help sending feedbacks to Microsoft when I encounter some bug or when I find that […]

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Avast! Antivirus causes BSOD on Windows 7 beta

Today I fixed a new problem with my test installation of Windows 7 (first public beta): Avast! Free – my “default” antivirus, was causing random system crashes. After some tries, I understood that blue screen of death was occurring during internal network activity. To be more precise, the problem is located in the use of […]

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Windows 7 beta is out

Post updated at 13:50 (GMT+1) on June, 17th 2009 – Now Windows 7 RC1 is public and available to everyone. As anticipated by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at CES (Las Vegas), Windows 7 first public beta is now available for free download. Windows Vista users are free to get and install it on their computers […]

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Linux4One: Ubuntu for the Acer Aspire One

The Aspire One is a netbook from Acer, very similar to the Asus Eee PC. It’s sold at about EUR 200 in Italy, and it offers an 8.9″ display (1024×600), a 1.6Ghz Intel Atom CPU, a 8Gb SSD drive, with integrated Wifi, Mic and webcam. It’s a nice product, but the Linux operating system with […]

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Open letter to the Linux scene

Since some times I’m thinking about a couple of things I’d like to tell to the whole Linux World. I chose to tell them from my blog: I hope that my english will not penalize too much the readability of my ideas. “Dear Linux“, I esteem you very much: since several years, you’re the only […]

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Installing Mac OS X on a normal PC

The news is not… new, but nowadays a lot of tutorials about how to install Apple’s OS X on an x86 computer are available, and the procedure is now followable by (almost) any PC user. I want to remember to everybody that it’s illegal to install and use OS X without a valid licence. I […]

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My eXPerience with Windows XP x64

Finally, yesterday my new PC has arrived: a Sempron 3000+ 64-bit (this, and the flu I got, are the reasons because I skipped a day of update of this blog). I installed Windows x64, the XP 64 bit version. Here are my impressions, my tips and the reason because I came back to “normal” XP, renouncing, by now, to get the “full power” of […]

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