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Goodbye Friends for iPhone and iPad is out

Our new app is now available on the App Store: “Goodbye Friends” allows Facebook users to check the status of their friend list, to discover who unfriends you. With a sleek and light interface, you’ll install and start using it with a couple of taps! Just accept the permission that the app asks you (only […]

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Waze, the free social GPS

Waze is born from a simple and smart idea: connecting cars together, to automatically create a new “social network” that detects and gives alerts about traffic conditions, police traps and accidents. You’ve only to install the Waze client, free and available for Android, iPhone, Symbian and Windows Mobile, starting it everytime you’re driving your car. […]

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Opera Mini 5 is here

The fifth version of the most popular browser for mobile devices is now released as public beta. Opera Mini is the Java version of the Opera browser: it can run on any J2ME enabled smartphone, bringing a good web experience also on devices with limited browsing capabilities. The idea at the base of Opera Mini […]

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FON access points on your GPS

Who doesn’t know what FON is? I already talked about this amazing project that tries to create a worldwide network of free Wi-fi spots, thanks to FON users sharing their bandwidth in a relationship of (free) mutual trade. FON Maps is a Google Maps application that helps users to find the nearest FON access point, […]

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SIP is better than Skype

I always become angry when people tell me: “with Skype, I can make free phone calls around the World!“. SURE, it’s Internet telephony, you can do it with Skype, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo IM, AIM, Gabber, Trillian, Mercury… I think that any personal messenger supports voice call today. If both users use the same software on […]

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Nokia LifeBlog 2.x also for S60 phones

Recently I had problems trying to make Nokia LifeBlog work for my Nokia 6680: the last version available for my model (or similar ones, like the 6630) is the 1.8, but it is incompatible with the newest PC Suite 6.81.13. In addiction, the newer 2.x version is nicer, it has more functions and it doesn’t […]

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Do you want a FON WiFi Router for 5$?

The FON Website launched an interesting promotion, for the first purchase of any user: they’re sending “La Fonera“, a little Wi-fi Router, for 5$ or 5 (shipping cost is 8$ for USA and 10 for Europe). “La Fonera” is a FON router and it allows to join the FON network; it connects to your existing modem […]

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Ten Consoles in a Cellphone

Let’s go back to cellphones based on Symbian S60 operating system (the Nokia 6600, 6630, 6680… and the others, also not Nokia. It’s hard to enumerate all the applications and games availables for these little jewels, that are more like Palm PC than simply Phones. Today I want to speak about the emulators currently availables. If […]

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