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Cannot receive emails from PayPal? Check your MX settings

Recently we had a problem with a domain we own: we were able to receive emails from anyone but PayPal, including “you have received a payment” notifications. After some research we discovered that the MX server listed in the DNS settings of the domain was under the form of a plain IP address, without hostname. […]

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How to permanently delete a song from your iTunes library

This is one of the those little problems that everyone, with an iPhone/iPod/iPad, encounters someday: you delete a song from iTunes, then you connect your iDevice to the computer and do the synchronization. For some reason, the deleted song reappear, both on your mobile and on your computer. What a damned nuisance! The reason iTunes […]

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No HDD LED on your PC? Put it in the systray

Thanks to a brilliant designer at Dell, a new laptop I bought has the Hard drive LED behind the LCD panel, so it’s impossible for the user to see the disk activity. I tried a couple of software utilities to provide a replacement to this lack; the best I found is a freeware.

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Jailbreakme 3.0 is released!

Breaking news – Comex has finally released the new version of Jailbreakme, the online tool capable to jailbreak 4.3.3 iOS devices, including the iPad 2. First reaction and positive reports are appearing on Twitter. Happy jailbreaking! JailbreakMe 3.0

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How to Disable “show-desktop-on-hover” in Windows 7

This feature of Windows 7 (its correct name is “Aero Peek“) is often hated by users that want to be free moving the mouse anywhere in the screen, without that anything happens. The new “show desktop” corner in the right is a really good idea and I use it everyday, but I also prefer to […]

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Google Chrome: How to fix the “fast scroll” issue

A lot of Google Chrome users are experiencing problems with page scrolling in Windows, that is too fast with several devices (mouses and touchpads). It seems that there isn’t any “official” fix for this behaviour, but you can resolve this with a little freeware utility, KatMouse. Just download it from the author’s site and install […]

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How to reset the Mac keyboard

Macs, known for their elegant design, often require knowing different ways to do such things as changing your browser, learning where your folders are, or even changing your inkjet cartridges.   Here is the easiest way to reset your keyboard. The screenshot you see here on the left shows a Mac OS X (Leopard) window that pops […]

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Avast! Antivirus causes BSOD on Windows 7 beta

Today I fixed a new problem with my test installation of Windows 7 (first public beta): Avast! Free – my “default” antivirus, was causing random system crashes. After some tries, I understood that blue screen of death was occurring during internal network activity. To be more precise, the problem is located in the use of […]

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Live Messenger: how to fix error 81000306

I’m currently testing the first public beta of Windows 7 on a desktop and a notebook, so I installed Live Messenger through the official Live installer provided from Microsoft as optional pack of the operating system. While there wasn’t problems on the notebook (connected to the LAN via Wi-fi), the desktop gived me 81000306 error […]

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How to change your Windows Live Login/Email

WARNING: After some tests, it seems that Windows Live Messenger contact list have problems after change of email login. So do this at your risk. This problem always plagued Windows Live (aka MSN) users: you signed up for a Microsoft Passport account since 2002  with a custom e-mail as login, then you changed the e-mail […]

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