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Enable Wake-On-LAN (WOL) on an Ubuntu PC

Notice: This little tutorial assumes that you have some basic Linux knowledge, and that you know what SSH is. Christmas is coming, and I’ll be out of office for a while. I was a little worried because I could need some data from my main desktop PC… I’ll copy the most important documents on the […]

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How to open a Mac Mini (with video)

Today I upgraded the RAM of a Mac Mini Intel (1Gb to 2,5Gb). As usual, I googled for a while to find a good tutorial to correctly dismantle it. Even if I’m not a video-tutorial lover, the best one I discovered was on YouTube. I like it also because it’s speech-less (only subtitles), so it’s […]

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How to hack hundreds of websites with a single Google search

Disclaimer: This post doesn’t want to be an invite to hack websites. The admin pages linked by search engines in the “search suggestions” in the article are so easy to find that it’s, I think, exagerated to define this an “hack practice” (infact, many of them were already hacked and spammed by automatic bots 😉 […]

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Samsung SCX-4200 and Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (8.10)

Today I upgraded to Ubuntu Intrepid, and suddenly… my Samsung SCX-4200 printer stopped working I recovered my notes from Ubuntu Hardy, where I wrote some operation to make the printer (and the embedded scanner) work. Unfortunately, the “trick” I took from the official Ubuntu forum (see “Samsung SCX-4200 scanner does not work on Ubuntu 8.04 […]

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3D Flip for Windows XP

Vista’s “3D Flip” effect is really nice. Honestly, the entire new graphic of Windows Vista is beautiful… even if the rest of the operating system is disappointing 😀 Anyway, if you want to add this feature to your Windows XP… someone has done it: WinFlip is a little and free addon that is capable to […]

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How to Install Internet Explorer 6 and 7 on the same PC

I want to suggest a very good work from TredoSoft: Multiple IE Installer (aka MultipleIEs) is a free tool that installs all the previous versions of Internet Explorer (from 3.0 to 6.0) on a Windows PC, allowing Internet Explorer 7 users to use older versions of IE on the same computer. It was very useful […]

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How to Mount an FTP as a Windows drive

As a web developer I work everyday with FTP to transfer and update files on several web servers. The process is simple but boring: I’ve to download a page on my hard drive, edit it and then upload it back on the remote machine to test my modifications. These activities must be done with an […]

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MD5 reverse engineering

MD5 (Message Digest 5) is a popular way to encrypt passwords (or anything else). Its security is based on the fact that it is a destructive algorithm: if you MD5-encrypt a string, you’ll get an another 128 bit (16 characters) expression that is the unique checksum of the original string, and it’s impossible to go […]

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La Fonera & The Ugly Modem

I’m moving from home, so I had to change the home network configuration to let my father continue to connect… without my Netgear DG834G Wi-Fi router. I connected my very nice Fonera to the old modem/router that my provider sent me a lot of time ago: it’s a Pirelli “AliceGate” device, with both USB and […]

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101 ways to say “Hello World”

“Hello World” is the phrase that historically anyone uses when he starts to learn a new programming language: creating a first application that simply says “Hello World” on the screen is the starting point to become a real guru It seems that the first “Hello World” application was written in 1966 by Martin Richards (Cambridge […]

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