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Waze, the free social GPS

Waze is born from a simple and smart idea: connecting cars together, to automatically create a new “social network” that detects and gives alerts about traffic conditions, police traps and accidents. You’ve only to install the Waze client, free and available for Android, iPhone, Symbian and Windows Mobile, starting it everytime you’re driving your car. […]

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eBalert: feed RSS from your eBay searches

Raneri Web Design released a new free online service, thinking about eBay users: eBalert is able to create RSS feeds from any eBay search, on the fly. eBalert is for people that is looking for something in particular: it allows users to avoid the annoying activity to check daily on eBay, monitoring the same search, […]

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An impressive online Music search engine / Player

Songza is an online free jukebox. Users can search music by keywords and listen songs directly from the web page, without having to download them. Results often offer good quality and large choice, it’s amazing how many songs are indicized. The “about” page doesn’t explain how the search engine exactly work, and doesn’t give informations […]

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MD5 reverse engineering

MD5 (Message Digest 5) is a popular way to encrypt passwords (or anything else). Its security is based on the fact that it is a destructive algorithm: if you MD5-encrypt a string, you’ll get an another 128 bit (16 characters) expression that is the unique checksum of the original string, and it’s impossible to go […]

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FON access points on your GPS

Who doesn’t know what FON is? I already talked about this amazing project that tries to create a worldwide network of free Wi-fi spots, thanks to FON users sharing their bandwidth in a relationship of (free) mutual trade. FON Maps is a Google Maps application that helps users to find the nearest FON access point, […]

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Italy spent 45.000.000 Euros for a site

(vai alla versione italiana di questo articolo) Finally, the official italian tourism portal is open. Roberto Falavotti, the managing director of “Sì Innovazione Italia” said that Italy “invested” 45 millions of Euros to see it completed: 21 millions to make italian deparments insert contents; 4 millions to aggregate the centralized informations; 8 millions to IBM; […]

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Google Calendar SMS notifications now available for Italy

Versione Italiana dell’articolo Google Calendar has (finally!) reactivated SMS notifications for Italian cellular operators. You’ve just to go to Settings -> Notifications and enter your mobile phone number, to receive the verification code (it has to be entered on the same page to activate notifications). Thank you Google! PS: and about other countries? Are there […]

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Do you want a FON WiFi Router for 5$?

The FON Website launched an interesting promotion, for the first purchase of any user: they’re sending “La Fonera“, a little Wi-fi Router, for 5$ or 5 (shipping cost is 8$ for USA and 10 for Europe). “La Fonera” is a FON router and it allows to join the FON network; it connects to your existing modem […]

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Google: a 4 Parts Logo

Just a little curiosity: today I opened in Opera browser mobile version, on my Nokia 6680, and I noticed that its logo was divided in 4 different parts, and with “Italia” rendered as text: The old version was a single image, with the text “Italia” embedded: This change seems to be also in other international […]

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20 Questions to Guess…

Think about anything (an object, an animal…) and answer to 20 (or max 30) questions that will ask you. This website will try to guess what are you thinking, and it often do it! 20 Questions is a nice game, based on a web application that computes what users answer and then tries to […]

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