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A nice Speed Test

I found a good line speed test, written in Flash. It traces user IP to discover nearest available servers, and it performes download and upload tests. Then user has also the possibility to share their results, getting a direct link to show them in a forum, or in a web page.

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Germany 2006… Google is with everybody :D

Tonight, the final match of FIFA World Cup 2006. France vs. Italy… Google celebrates it with it’s logo, on and the same GIF, with different colors and a different “title” text (“Forza Azzurri!” and “Allez la France!”). It’s funny     It’s also interesting the fact that one comes probably from a modification of […]

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The French Google Earth, Too Bad!

For sure, I’m not an hater of France… I have some relatives in Nice, on the southern “Blue Coast” and I was really interested when I heard from TV that French Government launched it’s Geo-Portal, a Web 2.0 site presented like the killer of Google Earth, at least for french territories. French Televisions and Newspaper […]

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The Low-cost fly Search Engine

Skyscanner is a very good site that helps users to search low-cost companies like EasyJet, MyAir, Ryanair, Meridiana and many more, to comparate european flights (overseas destinations are going to arrive). Searching with Google, it’s possible to find a lot of sites like this one, but many of these apply additional charges to the basic prices, […]

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Breaking News

“Stupid” and simple ideas are often funny. This is the case of “The Newspaper Clipping Generator“, a little form that allows users to compose the frontpage of a journal, with the title, the headline, the date and the story you want. The produced image is downloadable as JPEG.

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This is Your Last Click

A “click free” interface is the objective of Alex Frank: he built a site (it’s his final artwork for his diploma) that doesn’t need mouse buttons at all. Every action is performed throught movements of user’s mouse. Comfortable or not? The answer to visitors 😉

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How to Do Anything

This is a Worthy Wiki: wikiHow is a useful and fun site where anyone can write and publish his “how to”, a page to teach others how to do something. how to Do a Throw in Soccer, how to Meet Your Girlfriend’s Parents, how to Create-Stereo-Photographs… How to Get Angelina Jolie’s Lips 😀 A good wiki […]

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1Gb for your Online Virtual Drive

OrbitFiles is a new site that offers 1000Mb of free space to store any data, from MP3s to share with friends, to our security backups. The signup is quick and users can immediately start uploading files, directly with the browser or with the “Hercules” software. No size limits for every uploaded file (if you upload throught browser, there’s a 30Mb per-file limit). […]

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A Picture World

Panoramio wants to offer a “global photographic coverage“, with the help of its users: using the famous Google Maps and it’s interactive satellite images, anyone can upload pictures and tell where they were taken: they will appear on the map, for the other users. It’s possible to browse the whole planet and discover pictures available […]

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Instant Meeting

Vyew is an “online collaboration” software that doesn’t require any download because it can be used directly on the site, with your browser. You can try it on the fly, without the (free) registration, clicking on “Start a meeting instantly” on the home page: a new two-users session will start, with an unique code. Tell the code […]

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