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Feedbacks to Windows 7 developer team

As I stated some days ago, I’m testing Windows 7 beta 1. Honestly, I’m very satisfied by the new operating system of Microsoft, that seems to be “What Vista wasn’t”. Because of my satisfaction, I’m trying to give my little help sending feedbacks to Microsoft when I encounter some bug or when I find that […]

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Why it’s necessary to reform the world e-mail system

Short answer: Because of spam. Long answer: Do you know that e-mail comes from the early ’70s? One upon a time… only militar people – and then univerities – had access to the Internet (aka ARPANET), and nobody thought that one day anyone will connect to each other with one, unique, world-wide network, without fines. […]

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Open letter to the Linux scene

Since some times I’m thinking about a couple of things I’d like to tell to the whole Linux World. I chose to tell them from my blog: I hope that my english will not penalize too much the readability of my ideas. “Dear Linux“, I esteem you very much: since several years, you’re the only […]

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