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Why it’s necessary to reform the world e-mail system

Short answer: Because of spam. Long answer: Do you know that e-mail comes from the early ’70s? One upon a time… only militar people – and then univerities – had access to the Internet (aka ARPANET), and nobody thought that one day anyone will connect to each other with one, unique, world-wide network, without fines. […]

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3 Alternative ways to Send an e-mail

Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Firebird and any other e-mail client are not the only applications that can send e-mails. E-mailing was one of the first internet applications, and there are a lot of ways to use it; for example, (quite) experienced Linux users are able to send mails from a text-based console. Let’s see three […]

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Hotmail asks sites to Pay Protection money

I’m not used to shout and accuse companies, but tonight I discovered something that I didn’t like about Microsoft. After a lot of delivery problems for Hotmail users (I manage some sites that sends e-mail notifications to registered people… of course it isn’t absolutely not spam), I contacted the support for webmasters: I had several […]

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