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La Fonera & The Ugly Modem

I’m moving from home, so I had to change the home network configuration to let my father continue to connect… without my Netgear DG834G Wi-Fi router. I connected my very nice Fonera to the old modem/router that my provider sent me a lot of time ago: it’s a Pirelli “AliceGate” device, with both USB and […]

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FON access points on your GPS

Who doesn’t know what FON is? I already talked about this amazing project that tries to create a worldwide network of free Wi-fi spots, thanks to FON users sharing their bandwidth in a relationship of (free) mutual trade. FON Maps is a Google Maps application that helps users to find the nearest FON access point, […]

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La Fonera has arrived

After less than 10 days after my order, today I received my FON Router 🙂 I spoke about the FON network some days ago on this blog, highlighting their interesting offer: 5 Euros (or 5 USD) for this nice Wi-fi router, and the possibility to get access to the worldwide FON network, to have free Wi-fi internet […]

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