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Google being evil with developers

Don’t be evil is the famous Google slogan. Since some time, it seems that something is changing: last week they contacted Cyanogen, the author of the most famous “unofficial” firmware for Android phones, telling him to stop the distribution of these releases; the problem comes from the fact that Android code is open source, but […]

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Funny Google Reader bug

I just encountered a little bug in Google Reader, that I use everyday to read some feeds. One of them (Downloadblog, a nice italian professional blog about technology) is marked in bold, having one unread item, but if I click on it, Reader tells me that it doesn’t contain any unread item. The fun part […]

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Google uses Microsoft .NET

I recently received an e-mail from the team of Google Adsense, that invited me to partecipate to a simple survey about their advertising service. I cannot speak about contents of this survey, as required by their terms… anyway I have to highlight an interesting point I noticed: The scripting language used for the survey is […]

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Google Calendar SMS notifications now available for Italy

Versione Italiana dell’articolo Google Calendar has (finally!) reactivated SMS notifications for Italian cellular operators. You’ve just to go to Settings -> Notifications and enter your mobile phone number, to receive the verification code (it has to be entered on the same page to activate notifications). Thank you Google! PS: and about other countries? Are there […]

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