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How to change your Windows Live Login/Email

WARNING: After some tests, it seems that Windows Live Messenger contact list have problems after change of email login. So do this at your risk. This problem always plagued Windows Live (aka MSN) users: you signed up for a Microsoft Passport account since 2002¬† with a custom e-mail as login, then you changed the e-mail […]

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Google uses Microsoft .NET

I recently received an e-mail from the team of Google Adsense, that invited me to partecipate to a simple survey about their advertising service. I cannot speak about contents of this survey, as required by their terms… anyway I have to highlight an interesting point I noticed: The scripting language used for the survey is […]

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Microsoft reveals “Open Source Hero” (aka “Forge New Powers”)

Today, as promised, Microsoft launched its new project: some days ago it took an obscure domain, opensourcehero.com, that pointed to http://www.microsoft.com/opensource/heroes/default.mspx with a black background and a cryptic senstence: “{Forge} New Powers” and a reference to the launch date: “February 27, 2008“. Now the site is open and the mistery is unleashed. “{Open Source} Heroes […]

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Hotmail asks sites to Pay Protection money

I’m not used to shout and accuse companies, but tonight I discovered something that I didn’t like about Microsoft. After a lot of delivery problems for Hotmail users (I manage some sites that sends e-mail notifications to registered people… of course it isn’t absolutely not spam), I contacted the support for webmasters: I had several […]

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Group Photo Fixer

When you take a picture of a group of persons, it’s hard to have everybody with open eyes, with a natural face¬†expression, with nothing to be fixed. Of course you can take some pics and then “merge” them with an application like Photoshop, but you have also a quicker alternative: MSR Group Shot, from Microsoft. […]

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