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How to Disable “show-desktop-on-hover” in Windows 7

This feature of Windows 7 (its correct name is “Aero Peek“) is often hated by users that want to be free moving the mouse anywhere in the screen, without that anything happens. The new “show desktop” corner in the right is a really good idea and I use it everyday, but I also prefer to […]

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Windows 7 “Show Desktop” button on XP

It could sounds ironic, but the main feature I miss from Windows Seven – when I’m using a PC with Windows XP – it’s that little button on the bottom-right corner of the screen. Nina, an MBA accounting student I know, talks about how useful this button used to be. It has the same functionality of […]

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Tweak your monitor settings from Windows

While we are waiting for BLUntrl, a very promising application that is partecipating to the Windows 7 “Code 7 Contest”, I want to put highlight an interesting little utility: ScreenBright (aka “ScreenWhite”) is able to control your monitor brightness, contrast and color balance, directly from Windows. ScreenWhite is really basic, but it represent one of […]

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Feedbacks to Windows 7 developer team

As I stated some days ago, I’m testing Windows 7 beta 1. Honestly, I’m very satisfied by the new operating system of Microsoft, that seems to be “What Vista wasn’t”. Because of my satisfaction, I’m trying to give my little help sending feedbacks to Microsoft when I encounter some bug or when I find that […]

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Avast! Antivirus causes BSOD on Windows 7 beta

Today I fixed a new problem with my test installation of Windows 7 (first public beta): Avast! Free – my “default” antivirus, was causing random system crashes. After some tries, I understood that blue screen of death was occurring during internal network activity. To be more precise, the problem is located in the use of […]

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Live Messenger: how to fix error 81000306

I’m currently testing the first public beta of Windows 7 on a desktop and a notebook, so I installed Live Messenger through the official Live installer provided from Microsoft as optional pack of the operating system. While there wasn’t problems on the notebook (connected to the LAN via Wi-fi), the desktop gived me 81000306 error […]

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Windows 7 beta is out

Post updated at 13:50 (GMT+1) on June, 17th 2009 – Now Windows 7 RC1 is public and available to everyone. As anticipated by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at CES (Las Vegas), Windows 7 first public beta is now available for free download. Windows Vista users are free to get and install it on their computers […]

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