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SugarSync synchronizes your documents for free, brings them to your smartphone

I was looking for a complete solution to keep the office PC with my laptop in sync: SugarSync does more: it offers a free 2.5Gb storage space to synchronize an unlimited number of folders between two computers; in addiction, they gives you a mobile application – available for Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Blackberry – […]

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Google Chrome: How to fix the “fast scroll” issue

A lot of Google Chrome users are experiencing problems with page scrolling in Windows, that is too fast with several devices (mouses and touchpads). It seems that there isn’t any “official” fix for this behaviour, but you can resolve this with a little freeware utility, KatMouse. Just download it from the author’s site and install […]

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3D Flip for Windows XP

Vista’s “3D Flip” effect is really nice. Honestly, the entire new graphic of Windows Vista is beautiful… even if the rest of the operating system is disappointing 😀 Anyway, if you want to add this feature to your Windows XP… someone has done it: WinFlip is a little and free addon that is capable to […]

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A nice Clock Screensaver

Fliqlo is a simple but really beautyful free screensaver: it simply shows the current time, in a “flip clock” style (do you remember those old office clocks?). Nothing special, but very nice and somehow useful. It can be downloaded for free; the same site offers other nice screensavers for Windows. http://www.9031.com/downloads/screensavers.html

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How to Install Internet Explorer 6 and 7 on the same PC

I want to suggest a very good work from TredoSoft: Multiple IE Installer (aka MultipleIEs) is a free tool that installs all the previous versions of Internet Explorer (from 3.0 to 6.0) on a Windows PC, allowing Internet Explorer 7 users to use older versions of IE on the same computer. It was very useful […]

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How to Mount an FTP as a Windows drive

As a web developer I work everyday with FTP to transfer and update files on several web servers. The process is simple but boring: I’ve to download a page on my hard drive, edit it and then upload it back on the remote machine to test my modifications. These activities must be done with an […]

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A Free Defragger

Auslogics Disk Defrag is a free defragmentation tool. It seems to work very well on Windows systems, and several forums on the Internet confirm its efficiency. Its free version is the only available (this is not a “lite” implementation of a more featured application) and it offers a nice interface and great defragmentation speed, compared […]

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